Android Data Usage


Last month my cellphone bill was way higher than it normally is. When I called to ask why, the customer service representative told me it was because I downloaded 50GBs of Captain Panaka fan art. Everyone hates getting those high phone bills, but it turns out that it’s completely avoidable! Android phones have the ability to monitor your data usage and even set caps that will cut your data off, so you don’t get overage charges. As Captain Panaka would say, “Nice!”

Check your phone’s data usage

To check your phones current data usage, go to Settings > Data Usage. Here you can view how much data each app is using. You can also change the time frame you want to look at by selecting that dates within a specific range.


If you select a specific app from this menu, you’ll be able to see a graph that represents the data usage for that single app.


Monitor your data usage live

You can also monitor your data with a live widget called Data Counter Widget. This allows you to place a reading of your data used, right on your home screen. You can set it to read data for today, this week, this month or all time.

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Set data caps to prevent overages

You can also switch on your Mobile Data Limit to keep you from going over your data plan. You’ll be able to set one mark that gives you a warning when you’re getting close to your limit, and another one that will turn your mobile data off, once it’s reached. This is an important feature, because the amount of data your phone uses if very unpredictable.

This works best for people on family plans. By setting the data limit, you can ensure that everyone gets an equal amount.

Another way to control your data usage is to set your apps to only update over Wifi. You can change this by going into the Play store app, and viewing your settings.