Android Dev Weekly 002: Arise, XOSP, Substratum News and Giveaway!

Android Dev Weekly 002: Arise, XOSP, Substratum News and Giveaway!

The first iteration of the Android Dev Weekly series focused on the achievements of Substratum, updates from BlissROMs, the discontinuity of revision-based updates for XOSP, the feature of ResurrectionRemix on the OnePlus forums and updates from PureNexus.

The goal of this series is to bridge the gap between users and the developers, and we’ve got great news — Arise Sound Systems will be joining us for the Android Dev Weekly series moving forward.

XOSP: SU and the rebase

XOSP has now received SuperSU and Magisk options, the team went ahead and added an ingenious and simple method of selecting which SU the user wants. This selection method is achieved by setting ROOT_METHOD equal to SuperSU/Magisk in This means that with this implementation, any and every device can opt to go between SuperSU and Magisk rather painlessly.

The team has also recently announced the release date for XOSP-rebased and has been scheduled for the 22nd of April.

Substratum: It’s time for O

Keeping up with the weekly “hype-worthy” work, the team has successfully been using Substratum on Android O for several days now and have shared screenshots of the Legacy platform running on a Nexus 6P.

Hopefully, this means that we will see a fully functional public release around the same time if not before Android O begins to roll out to the masses.


ARISE Sound Systems

The team plans to update the installers for ARISE – both the AROMA and Modular versions. Moreover, the core of the sound modification will experience some minor changes. At least one brand new “effect” will certainly be added to the list of modifications. The Troubleshooting guide will also be updated in coming days.

BlissCAF – deCAF and a giveaway!

Over the past week, BlissROMs has accomplished a lot. They started off the week by bringing in those developers who have helped Bliss port features from their CAF branch to AOSP and x86. Anyone and everyone willing to help is now also invited to lend a hand with development. As their CAF branch is now leading by about a thousand commits, it has officially been bumped to 7.2. Bliss has also resolved all the server issues and the gerrit is now open to the public, the same applies to the download server.

Acknowledging the fact that beta builds have been rolling out for far too long now, Team Bliss has decided to go official. The official versions of BlissROMs will feature two variants, namely, Bliss-CAF and Bliss-deCAF. Aptly named, Bliss-CAF is based on CAF (Code Aurora Forum) and will be feature heavy. Bliss-deCAF, on the other hand can be referred to as a “lite” version of the same ROM. Based on AOSP, Bliss-deCAF is a rather stripped-down version. Bliss x86 will be continued on the deCAF branch from now on, with plans to bump the x86 branches to 7.2 soon. It shouldn’t come as a surprise if you spot a Bliss-CAF 7.2 Official build out in the wild. The AOSP branch has yet to be updated.

With all that said, it’s time for the giveaway!

To celebrate the progress the team has made and the upcoming Android O, we’re collaborating with TeamBliss to hold a quick giveaway. In order to participate you must be using a Disqus tied to your XDA account or include your XDA username along with your views on the following:

“Although there is already a multitude of ROMs for various devices, several new ROMs pop up almost every day with very similar features. Why do you think we constantly see new ROMs emerging, instead of larger contributions to ones that already exist?”

The prizes include the following:

1. Tiles by rascarlo

2. Reverie by Andre Zimmermann

3. Magpie by Jimmy Setiawan

4. Domination by Dave Wilson

5. Spectrum by Jeremy Beck

6. Fantasy by DeadmanxXD

Winners will be picked from the comments section, Comments made after Monday 17, at 6:00PM CT will not be entered.

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