Android Dev Weekly 03: What’s new in the world of Themes, ROMs, and Mods

Android Dev Weekly 03: What’s new in the world of Themes, ROMs, and Mods

In this Android Dev Weekly, we’ll cover updates from many areas of the Android enthusiast world including substratum, team GroundZero’s new application, the Bliss family of ROMs, and the Arise Family Feud.


Space integration management

The stock option letting users clearing substratum’s app data has now been disabled. This particular integration is currently under development. However, users can see the specifics of what can be cleared post-integration.

In order to clear data of the application, you will have to navigate to Settings -> Apps -> Substratum -> Storage -> Manage Space.  Once in substratum, you will have to clear data from its special “Manage Storage Usage” screen.

Addressing the icon-pack support requests

Although a recent security patch has a TI6 update bundled into it, icon pack support has not been confirmed yet.

The feature is under heavy experimentation.

Substratum Auto Compile and Auto Overlay

Remember how with CyanogenMod Theme Engine, the applications installed after applying a certain theme would automatically adapt to the theme? Well, team substratum implemented the same feature in substratum.

However, direct implementation of this feature would mean more background processing. Hence, the feature has been implemented as an option into the substratum application. The following video will give you a more clear understanding:

Compiling profiles

Expanding on the concept of a #visualUI, the team plans to implement yet another feature. This time, the team has enabled creating profiles. Basically, profiles will compile all your themes automatically based on your previous setting – if the necessary themes have already been installed.

For those interested in the full substratum change log for May, follow this link here.

GroundZero ROMs

Recently, GZR executed a global roll-out for updated versions of all three of their Custom ROMs – Tesla, Validus, and Tipsy. The ROMs have been bumped up to Nougat version 7.1.2.

A new application

The team has been working on an application which ultimately released earlier in the month of April. The application is a collection of all the builds for the officially supported devices.

In order to receive timely updates on the progress of Ground Zero ROMs, you might want to consider joining the G.Z.R. Telegram channel.


Introducing: The Bliss Family of CustomROMs

Team Bliss believes in the fact that helping each other and working together is the correct way to develop and create premium-grade software for various platforms.

Basically, the Bliss family is a collective of various Custom ROMs and app-related projects working together as a team. The respective projects all function as a unified team while sharing their respective knowledge and resources in order to build each other up and help the community as a whole.

Joining the Bliss family equals to having a share in resources that could potentially help you grow into a better developer. From access to exclusive chats encompassing talented and respected developers to actual build server rentals and hosting deals.

The family’s invitation is open for you – no matter what category of development you fall into. UI/UX designers, Custom ROM developers, concept designers, bloggers, you name it!

Keeping the community’s and the family’s primary goal – to improve development – in mind, TeamBliss decided to refrain from monetizing any of the services and content/support channels mentioned above. Their ultimate goal is to provide the Android Community with a free and open collaborative environment.

However, this does not limit members of the family. The members can freely work for and/or create any for-profit ventures that they want.

All you need to do in order to join the Bliss family is complete this form.

Other BlissROM Updates

The Bliss-CAF branch has been moved to Bliss 7.3 now with a constantly increasing number of features. Vendor implementation of the ARISE Sound System has already been pushed to the Bliss-x86 project. Also, Taskbar has been bumped up to version 3.3x. The team has their own gerrit server now, located right here.


The team has now fixed all WiFi related issues that devices with arm-based processors were facing. Battery and notification light settings have now been implemented in addition to several tweaks and fixes for the Blur Personalization settings.

Dash charging support has also been added.

Official devices

Xiaomi Mi 4C (libra), OnePlus X (onyx), and Moto G3 (osprey) have been added to the list of officially supported devices.


All the Xperia Frameworks have been updated and SemcEmail has successfully been fixed.

Arise Sound Systems

Quite recently, the Arise Sound Systems thread was declared to have the highest number of posts in the history of the XDA-Developers Forums. Humbled by the achievement of the community, the team decided to hold a competition known as the Arise Family Feud.

Family Feud™
ARISE Sound Systems™ Edition!

Following this link will present you with the first of two rounds in store for the participants. The first round, named “The Sound System that reigns supreme,” pitches team members of Arise Sound Systems against each other. The first round is based on a voting system, and community members have been given 30 days to cast their vote for the sound system they like the most.

With Round Two, things get a little more exciting. Round two is all about the community. Members of the community can submit their own custom made sound systems which would then undergo voting.

It should be noted that instead of the AROMA version of ARISE, this contest has been limited to the Modular version. The reason being that the AROMA installer is not supported by all of the devices ARISE users own. As the contest potentially involves members from all over the community, team Arise decided to use the Modular version as the set standard due to the fact that every device can flash and use it.

That’s it for this Android Dev weekly. Stay tuned for more news related to custom ROMs, mods, themes, and more from our forums!