Google has Resolved Android 8.1 Developer Preview 1 Installation Issues

Google has Resolved Android 8.1 Developer Preview 1 Installation Issues

Google released Android 8.1 Developer Preview a few days back and the stable version of the maintenance release for Android Oreo will be released in December. However, shortly after releasing the update, a myriad of Pixel and Pixel 2 owners who opted in the Google Beta Program reported they were not able to install the latest beta update.

Update Failed Message Android 8.1

The message users are getting after trying to install Android 8.1

Some users who went ahead with the installation of the downloaded OTA update reported failure in completion of the installation after which the phone reverted back to Android 8.0.

The good news is that Google has confirmed that an OTA update has been issued which fixes the Android 8.1 Oreo OTA installation problems. In a post on the Google product forum, the Google Community Manager of the Pixel User Community has stated the following:

This issue has been resolved. For those of you that faced the issue and were reverted back to 8.0, you will be offered a new OTA (which is rolling out now). Thanks to all of those that sent up reports, and helped us get to the bottom of this.

Orrin - Community Manager

Users participating in the Google Beta program who have earlier been reverted back to Android 8.0 following a failure in the installation process should be receiving another notification for a new OTA update. According to Google, it should now be a straightforward task for users to install the OTA beta update on their compatible smartphones.

At this time users who want to install the OTA beta update can do so by enrolling in the Android beta program or alternately manually flashing the full factory images onto an unlocked bootloader. The points to be noted here are that this method of manual flashing requires an unlocked bootloader and also that users would simultaneously lose the assurance of OTA updates for future beta builds.

Our take is that this latest solution by Google to solve the teething issues faced by the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL should temper the disappointment of disheartened users. The company will be relieved to tick off one of the stacked problems that have plagued the tech giant in the recent few weeks surrounding the release of its latest flagship smartphones.

Source: Pixel User Community
Via: SMArena

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