Android Developers site gets a major redesign ahead of Google I/O

Android Developers site gets a major redesign ahead of Google I/O

If you’re a developer of an Android app, one of the websites you probably have bookmarked is the official Android Developers website. Here you can find the official documentation for all Android APIs, code samples, Android Studio downloadsplatform distribution statistics, and much more. Personally, I find using the website a much more pleasant experience than digging through AOSP to find information, and with the new redesign that rolled out today, it’ll be even more pleasant to use.

The most obvious change in the new design is the liberal use of white. It’s everywhere. The ample use of white reminds me of the recent changes to Gmail among other apps, which hints at a renewed push for a design unification under what’s believed to be “Material Design 2” (though it may not actually be called that.)


One notable new feature (via Romain Guy) that comes with the redesign is the ability to jump to the documentation for each enum value (as shown in the sidebar on the right in the screenshot below.)

The website also looks really nice on mobile, and I especially like that text wrapping no longer seems to be an issue on documentation pages for packages and classes. Mobile search works just fine for me as well.

As far as I can tell, most of the previous functionality is intact. A few bugs have been spotted quickly by Redditors over on /r/AndroidDev, but they’ve been quickly resolved after being forwarded to the Android Developers website design team. A Google employee on the Android Developer Relations team states that the redesign is just laying the foundations for more improvements to come such as better mobile web viewing, search, and performance.

Google I/O 2018 is quickly approaching. At the event, we’ll learn a lot about the new platform features in Android P. Most of the changes will interest developers, but there’s a lot in it for regular users as well. The coming weeks will be exciting for all fans of Android, so stay tuned!

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