Android Device Manger


So there I was, running through the Forest of Feelings. My supplies were low and I was running a fever of 506° as I attempted to track down the thief that stole my Android Phone. The creature that robbed me was a half-horse half-man. Back in the days of old, they were call centaurs. While this magical creature was used to getting his way, he didn’t take into consideration that the item he stole from me had a tracking system known as “Android Device Manager” installed. After Tracking the beats for several days, I caught it sleepin’ by the lake of Drowsy Dreams. While it was too dangerous to approach him at the time, I had several options to help retrieve my phone or protect my data. Navigate over to and we will go through the different options together, and you can help me decide which action to take.

Option 1: Ring Device
ringIf you misplace your phone somewhere around the house, you can trigger your ringtone to reveal its location. This is different from calling your phone, because even if your phone is on silent, it will still ring at full volume. This will be effective in my situation, to startle the creature and send him into a panic. I’ll be able to swoop in and retrieve what belongs to me.
Option 2: Lock Your Device
lockBut what If I’m not fast enough? What if he sees me coming and quickly opens my Google Photos? Curse that horse-man! That’s exactly that type of trick he’d pull… I do have another option up my sleeve though. By locking my phone, I can set a custom password right from the Device Manager site. He’ll never be able to access my data then!
Option 3: Erase All Data
wipeForget it, everything is too risky. I’m going apocalypses mode. I’m going wipe my data clean directly from the Device Manager Site. This will perform a full factory reset and ensure everything is obliterated.

So which option did you choose?… That’s correct! Thanks for joining me on this adventure. If you wan’t to have an adventure of your own, download the Android Device Manager App! Get the App >