What are your thoughts on a display notch like on the iPhone X or Essential Phone?

What are your thoughts on a display notch like on the iPhone X or Essential Phone?

Sometimes smartphone trends come out of nowhere. Headphone jacks were considered an integral component of every phone until Apple’s “courageous” decision. Now, we’re seeing more smartphones launch without the headphone jack every year. The latest trend sparked by Apple might be even more annoying for some.

Many people attribute the display “notch” to Apple, but we know the Essential Phone was actually the first to feature this design quirk. Like we saw with wireless charging, smartphone trends don’t take off until Apple hops on board. Now it seems like the “notch” is the next big thing in the smartphone world.


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A storyline at MWC this year was devices from Android OEMs that feature the display notch. The ASUS ZenFone 5 and ZenFone 5Z both feature similar notches. LG was apparently considering the notch for the LG G7. The Huawei P20 seems to be adopting the notch as well. It’s an epidemic.

The good news is most phones with slim bezels have figured out much more elegant solutions. The Samsung Galaxy S9 squeezes a front-facing camera, iris scanner, earpiece, and more sensors in a slim bezel at the top of the display. It doesn’t infringe upon the screen at all. Leaks of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 also show a better alternative to the notch. It can be done.

People have differing opinions about the notch. Some see it as a necessary quirk as OEMs push the limits of “bezel-less” displays. Other see it as a lazy design flaw that can be easily avoided. What are your thoughts on this latest smartphone trend? Does it bother you? Would you buy a phone with a display notch? Let us know in the comments below!

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