Android distribution statistics for May 2018 show slight gains for Android Oreo

Android distribution statistics for May 2018 show slight gains for Android Oreo

As we’re getting closer to the middle of 2018, many have been keeping their eye on the progress of Android Oreo when it comes to overall distribution numbers. So far this year we’ve watched as the current version of Android has slowly increased with the April 2018 distribution numbers showing it has almost reached 5% of the current active install base. With May’s numbers in, we can see that Oreo has finally passed that milestone, while the number of devices with Nougat has also increased.

We lead off with today’s updated distribution numbers for devices that have visited the Google Play Store in the prior 7 days. Granted, this doesn’t give us a 100% exact outlook on the number of active devices out there, but it does offer a very close snapshot of what developers can expect. As most people are curious about the latest version of Android, we have seen that Android 8.x Oreo has increased from 4.6% as of last month all the way to 5.7 percent this month. Certainly not an impressive number in the grand scheme, but that still equates to millions of devices worldwide.

Android VersionApril 2018May 2018
Android Gingerbread0.3%0.3%
Android Ice Cream Sandwich0.4%0.4%
Android Jelly Bean4.6%4.3%
Android KitKat10.5%10.3%
Android Lollipop22.9%22.4%
Android Marshmallow26.0%25.5%
Android Nougat30.8%31.1%
Android Oreo4.6%5.7%

Moving onto the only other version of Android that has increased compared to last month, we have Android 7.x Nougat which has gone up from 30.8% to 31.1%. I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up seeing Nougat lasting longer than other versions due to the fact that so many OEMs have shied away from launching with Oreo thanks to the work that needs to be done to support Project Treble. As we continue on we can see that Marshmallow dropped from 26.0% down to 25.5%, while Lollipop dropped the same amount from 22.9% down to 22.4%.

Devices that are running older versions are far and few between and they become increasingly less prevalent and times goes on. KitKat went from 10.5% to 10.3%, Jelly Bean dropped from 4.6% down to 4.3%, and both Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich are still holding on with 0.3% and 0.4% respectively.

Source: Android Developers


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