Android Experiments: Eating Time App Prevents Users From Using Their Phones During Meals

Android Experiments: Eating Time App Prevents Users From Using Their Phones During Meals

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Google’s Android Experiments projects are always fun to try out. Google launched Android Experiments last year to let developers showcase their innovative and inspiring projects built using for Android. The program allows anyone submit their project irrespective of their skill level as long as it’s on Android.

The criteria here is to get creative with technology. Approved projects then get featured on the Android Experiment site, while their companion apps also get listed on the Google Play Store.

This new app called Eating Time is one of the many creative projects that has been featured on the Android Experiment site. The idea behind Eating Time is to help people spend quality time with their loved ones during meal, a social activity which often gets sidelined by our obsessive usage of smartphones. Whether it’s checking an email or sharing a post on Facebook or clicking pics of said food for Instagram, many people use their smartphones during meal times. This can be annoying to the people immediately around them, especially those in situations where social interaction should take prime focus.

Eating Time relies on an external on/off button which acts as a switch to toggle the Eating Time app functionality. When activated through the physical button, Eating Time locks down all connected Android devices. All interactions with the smartphone, including receiving phone calls or restarting through the reboot menu, are blocked out by a persistent overlay. To unlock the device(s), use the physical button to toggle to off state and restore normal functionality. Hopefully, you do this once the locked smartphone users have finished their meals.

Eating Time app is available on the Google Play Store for free. All Android Experiments are open sourced, so you can check out the source code for Eating Time from its Github page. You can check out other cool projects at the Android Experiments homepage.

Source: Android Experiments