How to Factory Reset in Android

factory reset

There are many different reasons to factory reset your Android. Perhaps you just want a fresh start, you’re flashing a custom ROM or maybe your device was stolen and you need to wipe it clean. Either way, we will go through the different methods that can be use to perform a factory reset on your device.

Method 1: Reset From Settings
From within your phone settings, you’ll be able to do a factory reset. There are usually two different options in this case.

Option 1: Reset Android system while saving all your files

Options 2: Reset Android system and wipe all of your files

To do a factory reset from within the Android OS, navigate to Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory data reset

And at this point most devices will give you the option to wipe all of your data as well.


Method 2: Reset From Recovery
Sometimes you’ll need to do a factory reset as a troubleshooting step, if your device isn’t working correctly. So if you’re stuck and cannot boot into your OS, start by booting into recovery mode.

See this guide on how to boot into recovery:

Recovery Guide

Once in recovery mode, you’ll see an option that says either “Wipe” or “Factory reset” depending on with recovery your phone is running.


Method 3: Reset From Android Device Manager
The last option we will go over should be used if you do not have access to your phone, or if you’ve locked yourself out with a screen lock.

Login to your Google account over at and you will be given the option to remotely erase all the content on your phone and factory reset it. Just keep in mind that this will only work if the phone has an internet connection. If it does not, that it will perform the reset, the next time it is connected to the internet.

device manager

These are the best ways to factory reset your device. If you need more help, check out the XDA forum for your device and see if there is a specific way to reset your phone or tablet.