[Update: Goes Global] Google Go will soon integrate Google Assistant Go and Google Lens

[Update: Goes Global] Google Go will soon integrate Google Assistant Go and Google Lens

Update (8/20/19 @ 3:00 PM ET): Google Go’s integration with Google Assistant Go and Google Lens is now available globally.

Google has been perceptive about the needs and expectations of low-income users, who desire a lag-free Android experience but can only afford smartphones with the basic hardware. To fulfill these requirements, Google launched Android (Go Edition), which is tailored to run on smartphones with limited resources. In Android Go, the suite of Android apps is also optimized for smartphones with low power and can be identified by the suffix “Go” following the usual app name. These apps include Google Go, Assistant Go, Files Go, Gmail Go, Maps Go, and added very recently to the list is Gallery Go, which is a lightweight media gallery app announced by the tech giant at the Google for Nigeria event yesterday.


Among these Android Go versions of apps, Google Go is perhaps the most functionally rich. Besides the regular stuff from the Google app, its Go edition gets a few extra features such suggestions for trending suggestions, a direct GIF search, and direct access buttons for YouTube, Weather, and Maps. There is, however, one thing that has been missing from Google Go and that is a direct access button for Assistant Go. A new change coming to Google Go should soon fill up this gap by adding direct voice search and Assistant Go controls in the app.

Additionally, the Discover feed will be integrated within the Google Go app to help users spot news customized as per their browsing history and preferences. Besides that, a shortcut for Google Lens will also be added into the app so that users get more habitual of visual discoveries. Apart from search, the Lens app will help users read and translate the text they see around them.

These changes should not be limited to just Nigeria and be available to Android Go users worldwide. We don’t have a timeline yet but we will be updating you when these changes are live.

Update: Goes Global

After rolling out to select markets in July, Google Go’s integration with Assistant Go and Google Lens is now available globally. Google Lens allows you to point your camera at things in the real world and get more information. It also has an AI-powered “Read Out Loud” feature that lets you hear any web page or highlighted words. Google Assistant Go was not mentioned in the blog post, but it should also be present. You can download Google Go from the Play Store for Android 5.0+ devices.

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