Developers can now publish Instant Apps without a website

Developers can now publish Instant Apps without a website

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Google announced Instant Apps back in May of 2016 during Google I/O. For those of you that don’t know, Instant Apps don’t require installing on your device. You just have to tap on the ‘Try Now” button and it will open instantly. This is great for media or other kinds of small apps. Even game developers can use this feature to let users try their games before actually installing them. The concept is cool, and lots of developers have adopted it already.

But, using the feature required having your own website. The website also had to be connected to the game via intent filters and digital asset links verification. Intent filters were used for letting the website know when the launch of the activity was requested and the app was ready to be streamed. Digital asset links verifications allowed the website to push the content to the device. To put it short, all of that was an extra cost and extra work for the developers.

Today, Google announced that they no longer require any of that, as developers no longer need a URL for their Instant App. From now on, you can just use the new deep link API, which is available for both Kotlin and Java languages. All of that makes developing and launching Instant Apps much easier. The new URL-less functionality is available for both apps and games.

Instructions for making Instant Apps are available in the link below. I’m sure many developers will be happy because of this change. Maybe some of you always wanted to use Instant Apps, but couldn’t afford the price or the hassle it required. Maybe you’ve never heard of them (not surprised) and are liking the concept now. Do you use the Instant Apps? Are you going to use them in the future? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Android Developers Blog