Android iRail Train Times Information for Belgium

Android iRail Train Times Information for Belgium

XDA member profete162 created an open source application to get real time information about trains system in all Belgium for your Android device. This ambitious project has the intention to make an application to get real time information for train, subway, and bus everywhere in the world, with the first development successfully tested and running in Belgium.
The developer invites everyone that is willing to participate to jump in on the project.
Currently, the website and Android app are fully working but more to come. Please leave feed back.

Originally posted by profete162
Are you interested in Mobile phones, Public transport, and Open Source? Have a look..

Hello all,

I just wanted to talk to you about a community project that is really growing fast and will become something huge soon! We really need the help of the xda community to make it available everywhere. So please take the time to read, forgive my english knowledge and typos and contact me to have more infos. is an attempt to make transportation time schedules easily available for anyone. We are doing this by creating an Application Programming Interface. This interface is implemented in PHP and can be reused by various of other projects.

Our main site consists of a very easy mobile website to look up time schedules using our own API.

I think that we all have smartphones (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, WebOS, Bada) to get real time information.

One topic that should interest everyone is public transport, because while waiting for a train, subway, bus, you have your phone in your hand and you wonder “When will my vehicle arrive?”

Sometimes, you have some electronic panels on the station, but most of the time, these panels does not provide info you need or you are not at the station.

You can find more information here.

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