Android L Final API, Updated Preview Images, and Material Design Support Library Now Live!

Android L Final API, Updated Preview Images, and Material Design Support Library Now Live!

It’s the 17th of October and as previously announced, the Android L/5.0 SDK is finally out, in addition to updated preview images for the Nexus 5 “hammerhead” and the Nexus 7 “razor” (2013).

You should be able to get the latest 5.0 SDK from the Android SDK Manager, as usual:

  1. Start the Android SDK Manager.
  2. In the Tools section, select the latest SDK Tools, SDK Platform-tools, and SDK Build-tools.
  3. Select everything under the Android 5.0 section, then click Install packages…
  4. Accept the licensing agreement for the packages, then click Install.
  5. If you previously installed the Android L Preview SDK, select all those packages in the SDK Manager and click Delete packages.

If you’re the owner of a Nexus 5 (GSM/LTE) or Nexus 7 (2013; Wi-Fi), you can also grab updated 5.0 preview images from the Android L Developer Preview page. This is mostly useful for developers who’d like to test out their apps on live devices, but you should note that these images are not the final builds. Support libraries and emulator images are also available now, so make sure to check out the latest Android Developers blog post to get them and for tips on what to do next.

For an overview of the new features the L APIs bring to the table, head over to the Android 5.0 APIs developers page. There, you’ll also find a list of important behavior changes you should watch out for in order to ensure your applications work correctly on Lollipop. You can also view the full differences report if you’re interested.

Additional images below courtesy of XDA Recognized Developer cybojenix:


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