Will Android L Be Called Licorice?

Will Android L Be Called Licorice?

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Google’s lawn sculptures have become quite famous over the course of Android’s existence. They visually represent a particular Android version’s logo, and after they are erected, Google usually announces the official name of the corresponding OS version. The company that makes sculptures for Google, v, has begun some maintenance work and will more than likely place a new figure for Android L very soon. It seems that the newest Android won’t be called Lemon Meringue Pie like we once thought. According to Giovanni Calabrese and his teases, the Android L will stand for Licorice.

Calabrese mentioned licorice multiple times on Google+. He mentioned traveling with boxes of licorice, his new-found appreciation for the snack, and even added a link showing how it’s made. Themendous started to change the placement of Google’s sculptures. This clearly shows that something big is going on and we should see a new figure within a few days.

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Placing new sculptures on lawn is an unwritten tradition at Google. A new figure is unveiled every time a major OS revision goes live. Soon, we will likely see some new colors for existing sculptures and the new one figure that will represent Android L. According to multiple reports Android Licorice will be released alongside two new Nexus devices: the phablet Motorola Nexus 6 “shamu” and the HTC Nexus 9. The release date for both remains uncertain, but it’s expected to hit the market within a few weeks.

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