Google Confirms “Android Lollipop Day” for November 3rd

Google Confirms “Android Lollipop Day” for November 3rd

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A little over a week ago, Google announced the latest iteration of Android, named Android Lollipop, accompanied with the grand unveiling of the Lollipop lawn statue at its Mountain View campus. The launch was, as usual, accompanied with the unveiling of a Nexus devices, or more accurately, three Nexus devices: the Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player. Despite the unveiling of Lollipop, Google only updated the preview images last week with no mention of an Over The Air (OTA) update for the previous generations of Nexus devices. That, is, until now.

Earlier today, Google sent out a message to app developer that outlined November 3rd as the date marking the availability of the Nexus 9 and advised developers that it was “a great time to publish on Google Play,” cautioning them to test apps on the Lollipop Preview images and fix any bugs before pushing the app or update to Google Play. The message reads:

Starting November 3rd, Nexus 9 will be the first device available to consumers that will run Android 5.0. Therefore, it is a great time to publish on Google Play, once you’ve updated and tested your app. Even if your apps target earlier versions of Android, take a few moments to test them on the Android 5.0 system images, and publish any updates needed in advance of the Android 5.0 rollout.

While the date was expected, considering its the day that the Nexus 9 and Nexus Player become available, its nice to have official confirmation. This also lines up with previous information which stated that the OTA update would begin rolling out on November 3rd, so yes, its confirmed as Lollipop Day.