Android Lollipop OTA Coming Soon, Two New Release Tags Pushed to AOSP!

Android Lollipop OTA Coming Soon, Two New Release Tags Pushed to AOSP!

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While we were expecting Android Lollipop to start rolling out to Nexus devices a few days ago, it unfortunately got delayed for a bit… until now. Google has now pushed out the final Android 5.0 release, along with some updated AOSP code for developers.

Nexus 5, 6, 7 (2012 & 2013), 9 and 10 owners can finally rejoice and get some official Lollipop goodness. OTA updates should be Coming Soon™ (the Google+ post says it’ll be available to most Nexus devices in the coming weeks, while the @Android tweet only says “soon”), with users already reporting receiving it on some devices such as the Nexus 7. OTA updates usually roll out gradually over a couple of days, but remember, your device will only make a new check for the update once every 24 hours. If you’re impatient, go ahead and grab the factory images!

Three new tags are also starting to appear in AOSP Git repo: android-5.0.0_r3, android-5.0.0_r4 and android-5.0.0_r5. These tags have appeared for the following device trees as well (suggesting they should be receiving official updates to Android 5.0, if they have not yet received their final builds).

Developers can get the new commits by simply syncing their repos (using repo sync). A diff between r2 and r5 can be seen here (thanks to Recognized Developer cybojenix for the quick syncing!).