Android Lollipop Source Being Pushed to AOSP!

Android Lollipop Source Being Pushed to AOSP!

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It’s the 3rd of November! As expected and announced, the Android Lollipop source code (LRX21M) is being pushed today. In fact, it’s being pushed right now, so get ready to sync it really soon! As usual, that can be done with the repo tool:

$ repo init -u -b lollipop-release

Developers can also head over to the AOSP Git webpage to check out the code without having to sync it all (under the lollipop-release branch). This will enable custom ROM developers to build “real” Android Lollipop releases for their devices of choice, so users should expect some L goodness and L based custom ROMs for their devices soon enough (“when it’s ready”, starting now).

ROM developers looking for device specific files can follow these links to go there directly:

If you’re still new to Android development and want to learn how to build it from source, now might also be a great time to try it out. XDA-University has many guides aimed at new and old developers, and you’ll also find a tutorial about Building Android From Source there.