Android M Adds “Doze” Deep Sleeping

Android M Adds “Doze” Deep Sleeping

Android M has answered the call of battery by adding in a deeper sleep implementation than existing deep sleep.

This comes in the form of Doze. The feature make use of the devices sensor to smartly recognize when you have left your device for an extended period. During this period, wakelocks will be minimized. However, you can still continue on receiving higher priority notifications.

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Needless to say, this does have a tradeoff of not having up to date syncs across all your apps, trading app freshness for battery life. We hope classification of apps into high priority can be configured to allow users more control over what affects their device.

On their testing, Google has found that devices on Android M lasted twice as long on standby than Lollipop.

Along with Doze, Google has also added in increased support for Type C.

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Being bi-directional, Type C brings along increased charging rates and file transfer rates. Another cool feature is allowing which direction the charge flows. You can either charge your device with USB Type C, or let your device charge something!

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We are thoroughly excited to see what more Android M brings along. Follow along as we bring on more!

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