Android M Mentions Spotted in Android Code Review

Android M Mentions Spotted in Android Code Review

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While we are still waiting for Android L to be officially released, the first mentions of Android M have been spotted in the Android Code review discussion group. Google looks to be continuing its Android naming scheme, and M seems to be the future successor for the yet unnamed Android L.

Android L was officially announced at the Google I/O 2014 Keynote, which took place back in June. The official release date and even the full codename remain unknown, but multiple reports claim that we should expect Android L in less than one month.

The functionality discussed in the code review link above may be useful for developers. Google developers have been discussing the possibility of adding the colored output for Logcat, which is an experimental Android M feature and won’t be cherry-picked into lmp-dev branch. Also talked about is a data exchange format that will be used by developers to communicate with Google servers.

Following the Google’s release schedule, Android M should be expected to in the fourth quarter of 2015 or even beginning of 2016. Android M might be the codename for Android 6.0, and the letter “M” is rumored to stand for Milkshake. But as usual, we should be prepared to see Google do a barrel roll and choose a totally different name.

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