Android Messages for Web may launch soon as Android setup finishes; Google Account Linking also present

Android Messages for Web may launch soon as Android setup finishes; Google Account Linking also present

Nearly 2 months ago, Android Messages 2.9 started to roll out to users. On the surface, there wasn’t much new to write home about. Underneath, however, were hints at something exciting: a web interface for sending messages via a desktop browser. This Android Messages for Web would allow you to use your phone to scan a QR code on your PC in order to pair the two devices. The feature supports all major desktop browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Edge, and the service seems to remember the last computer you signed in with. At the time, we couldn’t get the feature working because it was still in development. Now, however, it appears that the feature is inching ever closer to release as the Android side of the implementation seems complete. Furthermore, it appears that Google Account linkingĀ is about ready to roll out as we have been able to enable it.

All of the screenshots below were provided by XDA Recognized Contributor Quinny899.

Android Messages for Web Android Setup

Once the feature goes live, you will be able to see a button in the menu titled “messages for web.” Alternatively, you may see a snack bar at the bottom that informs you of the new Messages for Web feature. Once you press on either option, it’ll take you to a new page asking you to go to scan a QR code on Previously, this page didn’t exist, but now it is an actual subdomain that resolves to a 404. Given that the Android side of the implementation appears complete, we suspect that Google just has to flip the switch on the server side for this feature to go live.

Google Account Linking in Android Messages

New strings have appeared that hint at allowing you to link your Google account to give you a more “personalized experience” by using your account information. We aren’t yet sure what exactly that means, but the account linking seems to work.

<string name="connect_to_gaia_title">Connect your Google Account</string>
<string name="account_selected">account selected</string>
<string name="google_account_pref_title">Google Account</string>
<string name="google_account_pref_key">google_account</string>
<string name="google_profile_photo">Google profile photo</string>
<string name="link_gaia_explanation">Gives you a more personalized experience by using your Google Account info</string>
<string name="create_account">Add account</string>
<string name="remove_account">Disconnect</string>
<string name="remove_account_content_description">Disconnect Google account</string>
<string name="no_google_account">None</string>

That’s all that we think is interesting for now. If we discover more, we’ll update this post with that information.

Feature image credits: made by a friend of Quinny899’s on Discord. Explanation: the codename for Messages for Web is “ditto” and Android Messages’ codename is “bugle.” Hence, a ditto playing the bugle.

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