Android Messages tests integration with Google Assistant

Android Messages tests integration with Google Assistant

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Google has been trying to push the Google Assistant as much as possible. It was first available in Google Allo a couple of years ago, but it has since made its way to the Google Home and other apps. Google is now integrating Google Assistant into Android Messages with suggested messages. This is going to work similarly to how Google Assistant in Allo worked, but without the ability to talk to Google Assistant directly. It will only suggest recommended things to say. I have so far been able to have it recommend weather and restaurants.

This was first enabled by XDA Recognized Developer Quinny899, Kieron Quinn of Mighty Quinn Apps. We were then able to get it working ourselves. As you can see from the screenshots, I tested a lot of different messages to try to get Google Assistant to recommend something to say. Through my testing, I was able to have it show for nearby restaurants and the weather.

This seems like this matches Google’s plan to get rid of Google Allo. Google announced Chat not too long ago as a unified RCS standard across Android devices. Google started to port over some of the features from Allo like smart replies and the web client. This is just another step towards turning Android Messages into what Google wanted Allo to be. These smart replies with Google Assistant are very helpful for recommendations or just something as basic as the weather. This is an early test of what Google will maybe release at some point, so the UI and features can change.

It is definitely nice to see that Google is trying to bring back the features that made Allo great. I personally enjoyed using Allo with the few friends who also had it installed. It was a great messaging app, but it was released into a very saturated market. RCS and Chat are going to be a standard in Android phones, just like SMS and MMS. These features are once again going to be able to be used by many, and it’s nice to see that.