Android N Developer Preview 4 is Out! Final APIs and Play Publishing

Android N Developer Preview 4 is Out! Final APIs and Play Publishing

The road to N keeps getting shorter as we see new developer previews popping out. Now, we get the Android N developer preview 4, coming your way through your local ADB or your beta program OTAs!

What’s new in DP4? Developers will be happy to note that they can now publish apps that use API level 24 to Google Play in the alpha, beta and production release channel. Moreover, DP4 includes the final APIs (level 24) for Android N. Alongside Dev Preview 4, the final API 24 SDK is provided to be used with Android Studio 2.1.2 and higher, and there are DP4 system images for the emulator as well. You can find the downloads below:

Nexus 5X
MD5: 5aadba91f60de00d58dc6198ef5cc3ba
SHA-1: 996cac575d83bde573315290da8f52cecc4127d2
Nexus 6
MD5: b7ed0db569f3bc2d6655fe8d8cea0e13
SHA-1: 7936bf75e6bfb771bd14485211a319b246311b96
Nexus 6P
MD5: f296eccaed4e2526d6435df8cf0e8df1
SHA-1: 1ce5ccad8a3eae143e0ecd9c7afbb1be2f1d41cc
Nexus 9
MD5: 111c2fe5777dd6aae71fb8ef35dda9d3
SHA-1: 8b9f997ea39fdaf505527536bd346948ae1bae30
Nexus 9G
MD5: 3a6f4d47b385966347bd26b7a922cd6e
SHA-1: ef05106a9e3becea5673ea67d6c0cc21a2ec09d4
Nexus Player
MD5: b75dc745a64848ea24124db8fa9252ed
SHA-1: a51674a1303b17fec0405d513f9c0fe9f225780f
Pixel C
MD5: 0a2d660b09e19614a5b3573487b88066
SHA-1: e36c49b184843cdfe10278aebc04ce50b6d670b6
General Mobile 4G (Android One)
MD5: 3420581b969af777753141dacc7f73b9
SHA-1: dd5d4fd203f9c5dad658434c0ff370c411b78835
Sony Xperia Z3
(D6603 and D6653)
Download: Xperia Companion

The release post does not note much else in the way of immediately perceptible changes other than the deferral of Launcher Shortcuts and removal of Launcher Shortcut APIs. Other than better stability, go into the preview with open expectations and dig around to find what’s new!

What do you think of these developer previews? Tell us how you like developer preview 4!

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