Android N Developer Preview 5 Released; Public Rollout “Later This Summer”

Android N Developer Preview 5 Released; Public Rollout “Later This Summer”

It’s happening folks! We can just about see the public release of Android 7.0 Nougat in the distant future, but before that, we are being treated to one final helping of the Developer Preview. Coming to us in the form of Developer Preview 5 for Android 7.0 Nougat, this build labelled NPD90G is available for flashing for all supported devices.

What’s new? Google hasn’t mentioned a whole lot in this section, but they note that the Developer Preview 5 includes the “near-final” system images for supported devices and the Android emulator. Also included is the final API level 24, with which app developers can publish apps onto the Google Play Store in all release channels. This API includes all the latest system behaviours and UI which app developers can make use of.

Since this is the cutting edge of Android software and not meant for the general public, there are a few bugs and stability issues that still need to ironed out. Namely, multiwindow, camera and Do Not Disturb have some issues, while some more issues like those related to Screen Zoom, Vulkan API and Android Auto will be fixed via updates to the buggy apps or mediums.

Google has not yet given any formal date for the release of stable Android 7.0 Nougat, but the announcement post does state that public rollout will be “later this summer”, which puts it around September 2016. With the timeline of how the Developer Previews went, there might just be some hope that we can see Android 7.0 Nougat released for the public as early as mid-August. But then again, Google hasn’t tied itself up with a fixed date, so there’s plenty of room to wiggle.

If you have a supported device, you can download the OTA image or the system image as per your flashing convenience. Links to the system images are also down below:

Nexus 5X
MD5: e7a9a3061335c1e0c8be2588f13290af
SHA-1: 7a0ca1bcfa51bbefde34243603bc79c7dec214a1
Nexus 6
MD5: 2fb572ddcfca67bb1d741be97492a9ed
SHA-1: f7a4e3a96c797827492998e855c8f9efbfc8559a
Nexus 6P
MD5: 2370c30f3ef1d0684c1de5216a5d90fe
SHA-1: cd9ac81ec7f4a646ac6054eecbf2ea4c4b89b054
Nexus 9
MD5: cefa78950141da2a7c75e887717e3c8f
SHA-1: 41b554060263a7ef16e4be8422cbd6caca26e00f
Nexus 9G
MD5: 2f36dc0d0fab02ab78be500677ec239f
SHA-1: 610492bedfc4127023040ecb2c89239a78a900ad
Nexus Player
MD5: f4cb48f919e4c29c631de21416c612e2
SHA-1: 0fe95694e7bc41e4c3ac0e4438cd77102a0aa8b4
Pixel C
MD5: d9f0e40b6c20d274831e8a7d285fd887
SHA-1: f4da981c70576133321e2858e52fe2c990e68a75
General Mobile 4G (Android One)
MD5: 0ed565c509594072822d71c65b48ec8e
SHA-1: 48f59c99ac43d1cd2f5656a283bb9868581663a8
Sony Xperia Z3
(D6603 and D6653)
Download: Xperia Companion

Also, tucked away in the announcement post was an invitation for developers to pose technical questions to the Android engineering team:

The Android engineering team will host a Reddit AMA on r/androidev to answer all your technical questions about the platform tomorrow, July 19 from 12-2 PM (Pacific Time). We look forward to addressing your questions!

Have you flashed the final Developer Preview yet? Are you excited for the final release of Android 7.0 Nougat? Let us know in the comments below!

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