Android N Preview 3 & Android Wear 2.0 Preview Now Available!

Android N Preview 3 & Android Wear 2.0 Preview Now Available!

It’s Google I/O Christmas, everybody! And with it comes a new Android Developer preview version for your Nexus device, as well as an Android Wear 2.0 preview for Android Wear!

First up, the latest beta update for the N Preview comes with various fixes, better performance and stability and a handful of new features. The listed changes can be found in this page, and you can find the download here, or get the OTA through the program if you sign up or already updated that way. Notable changes include:

  • VR Mode for Android: Android N adds platform support and optimizations for a new VR Mode to let developers build high quality mobile VR experiences for users.
  • Sustained Performance Mode: Android N includes optional support for sustained performance mode, enabling OEMs to provide hints on device performance capabilities for long running applications. Only on Nexus 6P at the moment.
  • Multiprocess WebView: Starting with version 51 in Android N, WebView will run web content in a separate sandboxed process when the developer option “Multiprocess WebView” is enabled.

This is, of course, still a preview and Google notes stability issues with the camera, audio in some applications, connectivity and multi-window. That being said, if you enjoyed the latest preview, this should be a similar (or better) experience.

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Then we also have the Android Wear 2.0 Preview coming our way, with images currently available for a handful of watches including the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition and the Huawei Watch. You can find more information on the official overview of the program. Notable features include support for stand-alone Wear devices and apps, both of which can fully enjoy connectivity to wi-fi, bluetooth and cellular without the need for a connected phone. You will also find enhanced user interaction and better glance able experiences. Be sure to check out the video tour to learn more!

So, go give these a go and tell us what you think!

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