Android O Adds “Inverted” Light Theme to Display Options

Android O Adds “Inverted” Light Theme to Display Options

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Theming has been a big part of Android, and a specially-big part of XDA. Many of our users love being able to change the color scheme of their devices, with dark themes being particularly attractive options. Google itself has flirted with dark themes in previous developer previews, but this time we see something different.

Android O brings a very simple light theme in the display settings — yes, that’s right, there’s a “theme” setting in the Display menu now, but probably not with the options you expected. Instead, you can only switch between that “Pixel” default theme (which itself received a slight facelift in the settings menu and some iconography in the toggles), and “Invert”. The cryptically-named alternative simply “inverts” the color of the notification panel and toggles after one resets the device, as shown in the feature image and in the gallery below. The settings menu remain the same, as far as I can tell.

This is certainly not what we expected, and I’d prefer a quick dark theme rather than one that makes my device brighter (especially on an AMOLED Pixel XL). Nevertheless, it’s yet another feature to take advantage of, and I’m sure many users will find it a welcome addition.

It hasn’t been very long since Android O came out, but we are already unveiling awesome features coming to the next version of Android. For more coverage on all things Android O, stay tuned to XDA.