Android O Redesigns Emojis – Get Them Now on Android 5.0+

Android O Redesigns Emojis – Get Them Now on Android 5.0+

During our earlier coverage of what is new in the first public Android O Beta release (Android O Developer Preview 2), some users noted that we had forgotten to mention the new emojis. No, we didn’t forget about our little blob friends. We wanted to wait so you can get your hands on the new, more round emojis right now!

Say Goodbye to the Blobs

Gone are the blobs of old. In their place are a generally more round set of emoticons. Emojipedia got a first hands on experience, but anyone can try the new emojis out by either installing the latest update for their supported device or by installing them manually (more on that below).


Nearly every single emoticon has been redesigned. Furthermore, Android O now supports the entire catalogue of emojis in the Emoji 5.0 Unicode standard.

No more blobs in Android O

If you want to take a look at the full set of emojis that are now present in Android O, expand the gallery images below.

Credits: Emojipedia

Emojis for All

Google has also introduced the EmojiCompat support library which will allow developers of applications targeted for API level 19 and above (Android 4.4+) can add the support library so users of their apps can enjoy all of the latest emojis even if they aren’t on the latest software version.

But that does mean that individual app developers will have to add this library so you can see all the latest emojis, so some older, less frequently updated applications may not allow you to see all the latest ones. That is, if you haven’t already gone and installed them yourself.

Skip the Wait – Get the New Emojis Right Now!

Why wait for applications to update or for your phone to get Android O? You can install the latest emojis right now on Android 5.0+ thanks to XDA Recognized Contributor linuxct. He’s included two ways to install the new emojis – through a flashable zip that you can install through a custom recovery or through a Magisk Module. The former replaces the font files on your system partition while the latter installs the new emojis systemlessly.

Feature Image Credits: Emojipedia

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