Android One Moto X4 receiving May security update with fixes for Android Auto and USB transfer

Android One Moto X4 receiving May security update with fixes for Android Auto and USB transfer

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The transition to Android 8.0 and Android 8.1 has been a mixed bag for those of us in the community. There are some companies out there who pushed out their updates to Oreo very quickly and have even gone as far as to offer beta builds of Android P as well. Then there are other companies who are lagging far behind due to various reasons. We recently talked about the big Android 8.1 Oreo update for the Android One Motorola Moto X4 and how the update broke USB connectivity for many users. Thankfully, though, the device is receiving a quick update that fixes the issues brought on by the bug from last month.

Android 8.1 was a big update for the Moto X4 as it not only brought over the latest Oreo features, but it also added Android’s security patches through April 1st. Sadly, as mentioned, the update also ended up breaking USB connectivity so features like MTP, ADB, and USB connection for Android Auto were broken for a lot of people. There’s good news now though as a brand new OTA update is rolling out that includes Android’s security patches through May 1st along with a fix for the USB connectivity bug.

Moto X4 USB Update

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While it’s nice to get these OTA updates as quickly as possible, that can actually be the cause of some unexpected bugs since the company has less time to perform proper bug tests. Ideally, you will have multiple people within the company running the unreleased update on the device while they’re using it as a daily driver. This, along with some specific Q/A testing, should be able to catch the majority of the widespread bugs that get reported. There are thousands to millions of different setups that customers have though, so it’s bound to let a few bugs slip through the cracks.

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