Source: TechInfoBit The Android One Motorola One Power leaks in new photos showing a notch and dual cameras

The Android One Motorola One Power leaks in new photos showing a notch and dual cameras

Last month, we began seeing rumors of an unreleased Motorola smartphone that is headed to Google’s Android One program. The device is a said to be called the Motorola One Power (or Moto One Power) and images indicate it will have a slim top bezel but a very wide notch at the top. At the time, this was the only source we had seen talking about this device, but now another website says they were given hands-on time with it and have published a number of photos showing it from multiple angles.

At the time of its initial leak, there really wasn’t much to go on about the upcoming smartphone. We had what seemed like a press render of the Motorola One Power and that gave us an indication of some of its hardware. Again, we noticed that it had display going to the top left and right corner but there was a big notch at the top that houses the earpiece speaker and sensors. We also saw that it wasn’t using the Moto brand, which had been replaced with the full name, Motorola, and that there were two cameras on the back of the device.

The source of these images didn’t reveal much about the internals, but they did state there was a fingerprint reader under the iconic M logo on the back. They reported that the display is 6.X-inches diagonal and that the front-facing camera uses an 8MP sensor. Previous rumors claimed it will have a 6.2-inch 1080p display, a 12MP + 5MP rear camera combo, 4GB of RAM, and the Snapdragon 636 SoC from Qualcomm. It looks like it will lack the 3.5mm headphone port but will likely come with a USB Type-C adapter inside the box.

The whole phone is said to be powered by a 3,780mAh capacity battery but again, these specs have yet to be verified so take them with a grain of salt. We’re not sure when we will get a more official announcement of this device. We also don’t know if this will be another Android One phone for the U.S. or other countries.

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