Android Oreo Plays Beeping Notification Sounds in Phone Calls, Annoying Many

Android Oreo Plays Beeping Notification Sounds in Phone Calls, Annoying Many

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Not everyone installs Google’s developer preview builds for the next version of Android. Each one generally brings a number of changes and discovering these new features can be quite enjoyable for some of us within the community. One such change happened in the 4th developer preview and it allowed notification sounds to play through the earpiece speaker when you’re in the middle of a phone call. Some had hoped this was just a bug and would be removed, but it looks like it made its way into the first release of Android Oreo.

Since not that many flash a developer preview of Android in fear that some features will be broken, not that many people knew about it. But since the first official release has been launched, we’re seeing multiple complaints about the new feature across the community. With the 3rd developer preview and earlier versions of Android, this wasn’t happening as your phone was automatically put in a do not disturb mode when you were in the middle of a phone call.

This is no longer the case and it has been implemented into the software on purpose by Google. You can find the commit for it right here, and it is specifically labeled “playInCallNotification” within the code. This piece of code was not present in earlier versions of Android that we checked but we have seen reports of it ever since the 4th developer preview was released. Many of us just hoped it was implemented incorrectly and at the very least would have an option within the Settings or application to disable it.

Not only is this distracting when you’re in the middle of a phone call (which becomes even more of an issue if it’s an important one), but it can also be an annoyance when you’re in a conference call and have the speakerphone enabled. We aren’t sure what Google’s thought process was here for Android Oreo, but let’s hope that it gets removed or a toggle for it gets added.