Android Oreo Public Beta Coming to the Essential Phone in the Coming Weeks

Android Oreo Public Beta Coming to the Essential Phone in the Coming Weeks

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The Essential Phone has been a bit of a hit or miss when it comes to the public’s reception of the device. Many feel they hit a homerun when it came to the design of the device but have yet been able to deliver a mature software experience yet. The company is rolling out regular updates to optimize and improve its performance, but they have a long ways to go before things are where they should be. For those curious about the upcoming Android Oreo update, we’ve recently learned that it should be available as a public beta in the next “several weeks.”

As the folks over at Essential Products are pushing out optimization updates to the device, many are looking ahead to the Oreo update and hoping that will fix a lot of the issues they are experiencing. For instance, many have been complaining about the camera quality and a recent update focused entirely on the main camera as well as the 360 modular camera accessory. So far early reviews of that update say the speed and overall performance has been dramatically improved.

So during the company’s bi-weekly AMA (ask me anything) over on the /r/Essential subreddit, some people are asking about the upcoming Oreo update. Essential advertised that the Essential Phone has a clean and stock Android experience so many have been hoping that will enable them to roll out their Oreo update soon. They were able to answer this and Marcus from Essential says the team is internally testing the new Android 8.0 Oreo update at this time.

Their goal right now is to make sure there aren’t any regressions (since they are actively pushing out a number of optimization updates for Nougat), but says they are making great progress on the Oreo update. They were unable to give us an exact date of the final release, but did say they would announce a public beta program for the Essential Phone “within several weeks.” Once they receive some feedback from the public about the beta release, they will be able to share details about the final build for the device.

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