What are Your Thoughts on Android Oreo so Far?

What are Your Thoughts on Android Oreo so Far?

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Now that everyone has had time to either check out multiple articles or hands-on impressions, or try out the update for themselves, most of us have began cementing our opinion on Android Oreo. Not all updates are created equal, so it’s common for hype and satisfaction levels to vary from year to year as Android gains new features or thorough refinements.

While many consider Android Oreo to not be as feature-packed as Android Nougat, it does come with a salvo of less user-facing improvements, many of which we’ve covered in depth on the XDA Portal. It brings more options to developers, enhances or removes some inconsistencies and expands potential for things like theming, while also adding new useful features like picture-in-picture video. With all of this in mind, we ask you,

What are your thoughts on Android Oreo so far? What features do you like the most, and which changes do you like least? Have you tried it on your device? Will you be flashing it to your device or updating as soon as you can?

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