Android Oreo update rolling out for international LG G5 (H850)

Android Oreo update rolling out for international LG G5 (H850)

It was an interesting time when LG officially announced the LG G5. The company was happy with the results of the LG G4 but it seemed like they were expecting more from its successor. So they had big plans for their 2016 flagship smartphone and that included modular support. Since then, their mobile division has been losing millions of dollars, but thankfully that hasn’t stopped them from working on software. Thanks to a tip from an XDA forum member, we have learned the international variant of the LG G5 with the H850 model number has just begun receiving its Android Oreo OTA update.

At the time of release, LG said they were very committed to the modular design they had created for the smartphone. They were holding meetups for developers and giving them early access to devices and the developer kits for its modules. The company even promised they would be supporting the new modular platform for multiple generations but then announced it would be abandoned before the LG G6 had time to be released. People tend to give Lenovo a lot of flack because of what they’ve done with Motorola, but so far they have stuck to their commitment to the Moto Mods feature.

With the LG G5 being such a failure for LG in terms of sales, a lot of people assumed they would have given up on updating the device with major versions of Android as well. If they gave up on one commitment then what was to stop them from giving up on the typical two-year Android version update routine? Thankfully for those who invested in the H850 LG G5 and have yet to give it up, you can begin to look forward to an OTA update that includes a bump up to Android 8.0 even though the T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless models beat it to the punch.

lg g5 oreo update

Thanks for the tip XDA Senior Member DenyDarko

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