Android Oreo Adds Developer Commands for Testing Virtual Reality Apps

Android Oreo Adds Developer Commands for Testing Virtual Reality Apps

ADB has lots of different commands that help Android developers, and users alike, do all kinds of things on their devices. Google has been pushing forward with Virtual Reality technology ever since they introduced Google Cardboard and later Google Daydream. However, the biggest thing holding these platforms back is a lack of VR application support. Thankfully, Google is working to add more development tools that developers of virtual reality apps can take advantage of to ease the testing process. Android Oreo, for instance, has added a few ADB commands for VR testing.

Starting with Android 8.0, Google has added these new ADB commands for VR testing. Now, by using the adb vr command, developers can do things like toggling persistent VR mode and setting custom display propertiess. These can be accessed by using the following ADB command:

adb vr [subcommand]

To set your device in persistent VR mode:

adb vr set-persistent-vr-mode-enabled [true|false]

To set custom display props:

adb vr set-display-props [width] [height] [dpi]

With this change included in the final Android 8.0 release, Google looks to make it easier for developers to test out VR features. We’re probably going to see other VR changes within the next Android Oreo maintenance release, but we’ll have to keep an eye out on these changes in the source code as Google likes to add many features without publicizing them.

As Daydream keeps making its way to other different devices, we expect to see more support by developers for the fledgling VR platform. For those of us who have a Daydream VR headset catching dust, this is great news. For others looking for a cheap way to get into the virtual reality ecosystem, this should also be exciting. For developers looking for a new way to create a standout product, perhaps Google’s continued support for the platform might entice you to develop on the platform.

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