Android OTG


The thing that I hate more than anything else in this world (even my Dad lol) is having to type out long emails or messages using my Android tablet. Yeah the touchscreen keyboard is fine but when you’re using it for a long period of time it can get annoying. I would buy a Bluetooth keyboard but I don’t want to spend a bunch of money for something I will probably only use a few times. Instead what I would do is get a dirt cheap USB OTG adapter that allows you to use any USB device with your Android. It’s freekin brilliant just like my sister Sally. This is a great solution that not many people know about. The reason you don’t hear about this is because the government keeps you distracted by staging false flag tragedies that keep your mind on the news and off of OTG adapters. Forget about everything you know really quick and we will look at all the cool ways that you can take advantage of OTG on your Android.


When it comes to accessories one of the most useful things you can use this for is your standard USB drive. I use this all the time when I’m transferring video from my tablet to my computer. Once you plug in the USB drive your tablet will recognize it as it would with an SD Card.


This USB storage connected notification will pop up, then you will be able to browse the contents or your USB drive with a file explorer.


If you need to go a little crazy with your file transferring shenanigans you can also attach an entire external USB hard drive. If you download a lot of stuff to your tablet, this makes it so much easier to push all of your files to your external drive.

You can pick up one of these adapters for around $3 on Ebay. Definitely worth the investment.


If you want to skip the adapter all together you can buy an OTG USB drive. You can pick these drives up which feature a Micro USB or USB type C connection that will plug directly into your Android’s USB drive.

You can find a bunch of these on Amazon for under $20.

Amazon Link

Other devices that can be connected are your basic input devices like a keyboard, mouse, microphone and tons of other devices. Rebel against the government and embrace OTG technology! Now go do something good for your neighbor.