Android P Developer Preview 2 ported to the Motorola Moto Z

Android P Developer Preview 2 ported to the Motorola Moto Z

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Just days before Google I/O 2018 kicked off, we showcased an unofficial port of Android P’s first developer preview for the original Moto Z. This was thanks to the work that XDA Recognized Developer erfanoabdi had been doing to get it booted by using a modified system image from the Google Pixel XL release. At the time there wasn’t much to speak of since there were a lot of bugs that prevented it from being used as a daily driver, but as more work has been put into the port we’re seeing some of these bugs fixed along with it being updated to the second developer preview of Android P.

Unofficial ports of this kind are expected to have a number of bugs within the code since the system image that’s being used wasn’t created for that specific device. This is why we saw bugs impacting nearly everything from RIL, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, and more. However, since that first release erfanoabdi has been able to work on fixing the bugs that have been reported properly by the community. There are still some bugs that you will want to know about if you’re planning on flashing this unofficial port to the Moto Z.

So, while the radio, Wi-Fi, camera, Bluetooth, audio, NFC, GPS, and more are now working, things like the flashlight toggle does not work. Before the second SIM slot wasn’t working but this new update to developer preview 2 has fixed that issue. Those who own Moto Mods should also know that some work but with limited functionality such as the Moto Battery Mod not working in Efficiency mode. The developer also points out that the Google Camera is not currently working and suggests you use an application like Open Camera in order to take photos on the Moto Z.

They also note that it’s currently stable enough for them to use as a daily driver but that may not be the case for you.

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