Android P’s iPhone X-style navigation gestures are official, here’s what they look like

Android P’s iPhone X-style navigation gestures are official, here’s what they look like

With the push to bezel-less displays, manufacturers have been working on ways to use every inch of the screen. Android diehards have been using apps to replace the navigation bar with gestures for years, but the iPhone X brought gestures to the mainstream. Now, after a few rumors and leaks, gestures are official in Android P.

There’s a new section in the Settings for Gestures. It includes some of the features that have already been included in previous versions of Android, like “Swipe fingerprint for notifications.” However, you’ll now notice a new gesture called “Swipe up on Home button.” When enabled, the traditional virtual nav buttons are replaced with only a back button and pill-shaped gesture bar. The back button only appears when you need it, but the pill is always present.

  • Tap: Go home
  • Long press: Launch Google Assistant
  • Short swipe up: new recent apps screen
  • Long swipe up: App drawer
  • Slide to right: scroll through recent apps
  • Back button: Back (only appears when needed)

As the rumors suggested, tapping the pill works just like the old home button. Swiping up is where things get interesting. A short swipe up shows the new horizontal recent apps switcher. You can actually interact with apps (like selecting text) in the switcher without fully opening the app. You can slide the pill left or right to scroll through the list quickly. A long swipe up will show all the apps in an app drawer-like grid. This approach is sort of a hybrid between the old virtual nav bar and the iPhone X’s fully gesture-based navigation.

Screenshots via: Gabriel Bryne

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