Android Pay Hits The UK, No Barclays or Natwest Yet

Android Pay Hits The UK, No Barclays or Natwest Yet

Android Pay has finally arrived in the UK, a move many of us have been waiting for since the infrastructure for NFC payments has been implemented in many stores for a long time now thanks to the capability for contactless payments via debit and credit cards. Android Pay will work anywhere contactless on your bank card does and as an added bonus it bypasses the £30 maximum spend on contactless payments. Some banks have still to sign up, to find out if your bank is one of them check the table below which will continue to be updated as more banks are added.

Android Pay will work with any Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card from the following banks:

Bank of ScotlandYes
First DirectYes
Lloyds BankYes
M&S BankYes

It is also worth noting that as well as NFC terminals, Transport support Android Pay on the tube, overground and busses. Also, launching is Android Pay Day, which will bring special offers each month for the last week before pay day. Starbucks UK and Deliveroo will be just two of the first to provide special offers for Android Pay users. Since Pay can now be used to withdraw cash from ATMs at the Bank of America, who knows maybe this is something we will see roll out to the UK in the coming years.

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