Android Pay is Rumored to Launch in Canada on May 31st

Android Pay is Rumored to Launch in Canada on May 31st

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Last week at Google I/O, Google announced they had plans to expand Android Pay to a number of new countries in the near future. Countries confirmed at this event were Russia, Canada, Brazil, Spain and Taiwan. While they didn’t give exact dates on when they expected this expansion to happen, they did make it seem that the wheels were in motion and that we should expect to hear news about it in the coming months. Then earlier this week we saw that Google officially launched Android Pay in Russia.

A Russia launch is something we had been expecting since there was an announcement in a press release, but we’re also seeing a lot of activity in Canada as well. Over in the /r/Android subreddit, multiple Canadians have talked about seeing Android Pay stickers at various terminals. Visa Canada even published details about Android Pay on their website earlier this month, although it was almost immediately taken down and reverted back to its original content.

Now, it’s being rumored that Android Pay will be launching in Canada at the end of this month. This information comes to us thanks to MobileSyrup, who says they received internal documents that claim the launch date will be May 31st. Apple Pay had a slow build up in Canada with only American Express supporting the platform at launch, but these internal documents seem to say that “major credit and debit cards in Canada” will be supporting Android Pay at launch.

The documents also say that Android Pay will be accepted “anywhere contactless is accepted,” so it may have a better initial launch than Apple Pay did. Just as you would expect, you’ll be able to use Android Pay in Canada with any Android 4.4+ device that supports NFC once the service has been launched.

Source: MobileSyrup