Android Pay Now Supports a Modified DPI

Android Pay Now Supports a Modified DPI

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With the Android N beta announcement at Google I/O it was also announced that Android Pay would begin to support the Beta program. While an update like this was to be expected, it would seem that the change had another possibly unexpected side effect, Android Pay now supports a non-default DPI.

Screenshot_20160527-174441Changing the DPI is one of my favorite changes to make to a device since you can do it with and without root. This fix is almost required as some phones ship with outrageously high DPI’s like the Nexus 6 and to some degree the Nexus 6P.

I was able to change the DPI by altering the build.prop on my HTC 10 (which is actually running the LeeDroid rom). Samsung users can also rejoice, if Samsung Pay isn’t your forte, because this includes the “Condensed” view I wrote about in March, it was previously blocked.

If you are rooted you can modify your build.prop or utilize a tool like Le DPI Changer on the Play Store. If you don’t have root you can insert your desired DPI in the following code through ADB: adb shell wm density [number]  && adb reboot. If you need to reset your DPI use: adb shell wm size reset && adb reboot. A word of caution, some devices with OEM skins like Sense and older versions of Touchwiz do not react to DPI changes very well, proceed with caution. You can get an easy to download and use version of Fastboot and ADB to install to your PC here.

It seems this change was required due to the fact that Android N supports DPI changing on the fly through the Display Scaling option in settings. Allowing Android Pay to work on an altered DPI seems like it would be a required change for it to work properly. However, it could be patched in the future to only support Android N or to just support preset DPI changes through that menu. The version I tested it on was Android Pay version 1.3 on a rooted HTC 10 running a 600 DPI and Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

Let us know if you have the same success I did trying Android Pay on rooted devices or those with a modified DPI.