Android Pie beta for the Samsung Galaxy S9 adds new Tap to Show Always-on Display gesture

Android Pie beta for the Samsung Galaxy S9 adds new Tap to Show Always-on Display gesture

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Android Pie has been out for a few months now and Samsung is coming along with their update, which is called Samsung Experience 10. Every update that is leaked comes with more and more new features. In the latest update for the Samsung Galaxy S9 (CRJB), Samsung has added a new feature to the Always-on Display making it act like the Pixel “ambient display.” When you double tap the screen while locked, it will show the Always-on Display for 30 seconds.

This tap to show display gesture is new to Samsung phones. Before this update, Samsung required you to either have the always on display either always on or enabled on a schedule. This new feature makes it work more like the ambient display on Pixel devices, letting you see the always on display for short periods of time on demand. This will show you a music player, current notifications, calendar events, current alarms, and weather. You can access these for 30 seconds. In the video below, sent to us by Rydah from the SamCentral Discord server, you can see him activating the tap to show mode and comparing it to the other modes on the Samsung Galaxy S9.

One smaller change is the design of the notifications being shown on the Always-on Display. They now have a rounded square look and the notifications themselves seem to be colored blue compared to the white color the notifications used to be. Notifications also have a gray border in the same shape that Samsung has for their adaptive icons.

Currently, this build is available to be installed right now using our install guide. It is available for the Samsung Galaxy S9. The guides for the Samsung Galaxy S9+ and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 are currently updated with the latest build for the files we have. They will be updated when a newer update is available. The official beta for both Exynos and Snapdragon users should be launching very soon so be on the lookout for that to get it installed.