Android Pie kernel sources now available for the Motorola One Power, Moto G7, Redmi 7, and Redmi Y3

Android Pie kernel sources now available for the Motorola One Power, Moto G7, Redmi 7, and Redmi Y3

Android’s customizability is one of the reasons for its immense popularity and its open-source nature allows independent developers and enthusiasts to create tools that allow you to fine-tune the experience with Android devices. The public availability of kernel source code for specific devices plays a vital role in spurring the development of AOSP-based ROMs, official support for custom recoveries like TWRP, or custom kernels. Under GNU General Public License (GPL), manufacturers are compelled to share kernel sources for any Linux kernel used on their device so that the development community can benefit from them. With the growing awareness of consumers, more and more companies are using early access to the kernel sources as a selling point. Xiaomi is among them and has now released the kernel sources for Redmi 7 and the Redmi Y3, which were recently launched in India.


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Xiaomi, unlike other companies, does not void your smartphone’s warranty for unlocking the bootloader – a crucial step in modding your Android smartphone. This encourages users to experiment with different custom ROMs, kernel, and mods which might help improve the performance of their smartphones. The released kernel sources for Redmi Y3 and the Redmi 7 are based on the Android Pie release and are clubbed under the same branch on GitHub.

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At the same time, the kernel sources based on Android Pie are now available for the Motorola One Power and the Moto G7, as well. While the Motorola One Power is an Android One device, the Moto G7 also runs a near-stock version of Android. This leaves room for the development of custom ROMs for those who want to enjoy a more customizable experience.

Kernel source code for Redmi Y3 and Redmi 7

Kernel source code for Motorola One Power

Kernel source code for Moto G7

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