Android Pie rolling out in India for the Xiaomi Mi A2

Android Pie rolling out in India for the Xiaomi Mi A2

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The Xiaomi Mi A2 is often hailed as being the best Android One smartphone to date. It’s a photography boon at a low price, and its computational capabilities aren’t lacking either. If that doesn’t sound good enough for you, being a part of the Android One program (in theory) ensures a certain standard when it comes to software updates. Android One devices run very-close-to-stock Android, allowing OEMs to provide faster security and major upgrades. Admittedly, it’s been quite a while since Android Pie released, but it’s now rolling out to Indian users with the Xiaomi Mi A2. This follows after an official beta of Android Pie leaked earlier this week.

Source: XDA Member Atharva

The new features mentioned in the changelog above such as Adaptive Battery, navigational improvements, and app actions recommendations are all stock Android features introduced with Android Pie. App Actions is especially cool, as this feature provides users with predicted actions to choose from, most notably in the Google Pixel Launcher. These actions can include things like “Watch videos in YouTube”  or “Play Music on Spotify.” The App Actions API uses the same set of intents as Actions on Google Assistant and you can find them in multiple apps such as the Google App, Play Store, Google Assistant, and the Pixel Launcher. Of course, you’ll also get all of the other features introduced as well.

The update is rolling out for Indian users now and is expected to reach global device owners in the coming weeks. Typically, device OEMs will stage their rollouts so that if there are any issues, the update hasn’t reached everyone who owns the device yet. If there are issues, it can prove dangerous for device owners. With an update for the Xiaomi Mi A2 out, it’s likely that the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite’s update won’t take too long to arrive as well.

Via: /r/Xiaomi