Android Pie begins rolling out for the Infinix Smart 2

Android Pie begins rolling out for the Infinix Smart 2

Infinix is not a name that we hear often in the west, but they’re actually starting to see growth in countries like India. We’ve seen Infinix launch the Infinix Note 5 as part of the Android One program, while also releasing devices that run their own XOS Hummingbird. XOS Hummingbird bares little resemblance to stock Android, so it makes sense that upgrades may take a while. The company has announced on their Facebook page that Android Pie is now rolling out for Infinix Smart 2 device owners.

Android Pie brings a number of cool new features to devices, particularly  Adaptive BatteryApp Actions, Slices, and Adaptive Brightness. There’s much more than that added with the update to Android Pie, but those are certainly the highlights. It is unknown, however, if Infinix intends on including all of these new features or not. We can also expect Infinix to have added new things to XOS Hummingbird, or to have at least improved upon their already existing features.

Keep in mind that the Infinix Smart 2 is a budget phone – it touts a MediaTek MT6739 system-on-chip with 2GB of RAM. It’s certainly no powerhouse, and it retails at only Rs 5,499, or roughly $80. Getting upgraded to Android Pie so soon is definitely an achievement for a smaller OEM, especially when compared to larger OEMs across the globe who are still struggling to do exactly that.

Owners of other devices from the company may feel slighted, as smartphones like the Infinix Zero 5, one of their flagship smartphones, still haven’t even been upgraded to Android Oreo. The Infinix Smart 2 launched in August this year powered by Android Oreo and XOS 3.3.0 Hummingbird. It’s possible that given it launched with Android Oreo, that Project Treble support helped the company update it quicker than its other devices. The company’s only other device to be on Android Pie, as of the time of writing, is their Android One Infinix Note 5.

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