Android Powered Sony Walkman To Debut At CES

Android Powered Sony Walkman To Debut At CES

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Back in 1979 Sony released one of the weirdest portable devices that conquered the globe instantly. The Walkman allowed anyone to listen to their favorite hits almost everywhere. According to Sony’s web page the company sold 385 millions devices branded as “Walkman” until 2009. The Walkman is also available on Android, as Sony (Ericsson) released the Live with Walkman phone back in 2011, with Walkman applications available in almost every major device that Sony releases.

To be perfectly frank, Walkman devices are now obsolete. Smartphones can play various music files in really good quality. Memory cards are getting bigger as well, so more music can be stored on it. The cloud technology and streaming is also pushing hard using gigabytes of our data cap. Sony seems to be aiming at a different group of users – true audiophiles. The upcoming CES should be a place where another hyped Walkman should have its premiere.

A new Walkman device should run Android Lollipop as its operating system. It will also feature a vibrant display and support for 24-bit 192kHz sound files and high-quality amplifiers, with a design similar to the one known from the ZX1 Walkman. The new portable player will have curved shapes, matte black shell highlighted by a gold-tone headphone jack and unusually placed transport controls which should shine at the edge of the player.

What do you think about a Sony Walkman device which would have to compete with high-end smartphones with excellent sound quality? Would you buy one? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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