The Android Q engineering team is doing an AMA on Reddit next week

The Android Q engineering team is doing an AMA on Reddit next week

With the most recent Android Q beta having been released just two weeks ago, the Android Q engineering team has decided to host an AMA (ask me anything) session on Reddit next week. Each developer preview of Android Q has revealed more features and improvements over the last, with the most recent having finalized APIs, the official API 29 SDK, and updated build tools for Android Studio. There aren’t going to be many user-facing features as we enter the release candidate stage, so most of the changes are all under-the-hood from now on.

The AMA that the Android Q engineering team will host is aimed at developers and those with technical questions only. The list of participants from the Android team can be seen below. These are the topics that the team looks forward to talking about, although it’s certainly non-exhaustive.

  • Android Jetpack
  • Android Studio
  • Kotlin
  • Notifications
  • Dark Theme
  • New Gesture Nav
  • Security & Privacy
  • Location changes in Q
  • Project Mainline
  • Google Play

Every year since Android Nougat, the Android engineering teams have done an AMA on Reddit, so this is nothing new. The AMA will take place on Thursday, August 1 at 12:00 PM PST / 3:00 PM EST (UTC 1900) and will continue until 1:20 PM PST / 4:20 PM EST that same day. Users can already begin to submit their questions now in the thread which is linked below.

Participants from the Android team

  • Adam Cohen: TLM on Android Launcher / System UI
  • Adam Powell: TLM on UI toolkit/framework; views, lifecycle, fragments, support libs
  • Alan Viverette: TLM, Jetpack / AndroidX
  • Allen Huang: PM for UI, launcher, notifications, search integrations and more!
  • Andrew Sappirstein: TLM on Android Settings
  • Brahim Elbouchikhi: PM Director for Android Machine Learning and Camera (NN API, ML Kit, CameraX, Camera Platform)
  • Chad Brubaker: Software Engineer, Android Platform Security
  • Charmaine D’Silva: PM for Privacy
  • Chet Haase: Android Chief Advocate, Developer Relations
  • Diana Wong: PM, App Compatibility, non-SDK API usage, ART, NDK
  • Dianne Hackborn: Manager of the Android framework team (Resources, Window Manager, Activity Manager, Multi-user, Printing, Accessibility, etc.)
  • E.K. Chung: Director of UX
  • Ian Lake: Software Engineer, Jetpack (Fragments, Navigation, Architecture Components)
  • Iliyan Malchev: Principal Software Engineer, Project Mainline
  • Jacob Lehrbaum: Director of Developer Relations for Android
  • Jake Wharton: Software Engineer, Jetpack
  • Jamal Eason: PM, Android Studio
  • Jeff Bailey: TLM, Android Open Source Project (AOSP)
  • Jeff Sharkey: Software Engineer, Android Framework
  • Jeffrey van Gogh: Android Studio, Compilers
  • Jen Chai: PM, Location and Context, Auth, Autofill, non-SDK API usage, ART
  • Karen Ng: Group PM for Android Developer Tools, Android Studio, Android Tookit and Jetpack
  • Paul Bankhead: Director of Product Management, Google Play
  • Rohan Shah: Product Manager, Android System UI
  • Romain Guy: Manager of the Android Toolkit/Jetpack team
  • Sagar Kamdar: Director of Product Management, Android
  • Sat K: Director of Engineering, Android Connectivity
  • Selim Cinek: Software Engineer, Android System UI
  • Stephanie Saad Cuthbertson: Senior Director of Product Management, Android
  • Sumir Kataria: Software Engineer, Jetpack (WorkManager)
  • Travis McCoy: PM, Android Platform
  • Trystan Upstill: Distinguished Engineer, Lead for Android System UI & Intelligence
  • Vinit Modi: PM, Android Camera

Source: /r/AndroidDev

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