Android Security Bulletin Released For March 2017

Android Security Bulletin Released For March 2017

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Right on schedule, Google has released the Android Security Bulletin for this month along with updated security patches for recently discovered vulnerabilities.

This month’s security update includes fixes for 60 vulnerabilities, the severity levels of which range from critical to low. Google has again provided two security patch level strings to make it easier for OEMs to fix common vulnerabilities across the Android platform. Security patch level 2017-03-01 (partial) ensures that all vulnerabilities up to the 2017-03-01 date have been addressed, while security patch string 2016-03-05 (complete) indicates that all issues up to the 2017-03-05 date have been fixed.

According to Google, the most severe of all patched vulnerabilities is one that could allow an attacker to remotely execute malicious code by using multiple mediums. As usual, OTA updates will be rolled out to the Pixel devices and supported Nexus devices in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, the factory images and full OTAs are also available from the Android Developers site if you want to flash them manually.

Here are the links for factory images and full OTA updates for the Pixels and Nexus devices:

Source: Android Security Bulletin