Android Security Bulletin Released for May 2017; Security Update Rolling Out to Supported Pixel and Nexus Devices

Android Security Bulletin Released for May 2017; Security Update Rolling Out to Supported Pixel and Nexus Devices

Right on schedule, Google has released the Android Security Bulletin for this month along with updated security patches for recently discovered vulnerabilities. This month’s security update includes fixes for a wide range of vulnerabilities ranging from critical to low vulnerability levels

Google has again provided two security patch level strings to make it easier for OEMs to fix common vulnerabilities across the Android platform. Security patch level 2017-05-01 (partial) ensures that all vulnerabilities up to the 2017-05-01 date have been addressed, while security patch string 2016-05-05 (complete) indicates that all issues up to the 2017-05-05 date have been fixed. An overview of the particular vulnerabilities that have been patched has been detailed in the announcement post.

According to Google, the most severe of all patched vulnerabilities is one that could allow an attacker to remotely execute malicious code by using multiple mediums. Thankfully, Google has had no reports of active consumer exploitation or abuse of these newly reported issues. Source code patches for these issues will be released to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) repository in the next 48 hours.

As usual, OTA updates will be rolled out to the Pixel devices and supported Nexus devices in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, the factory images and full OTAs are also available from the Android Developers site if you want to flash them manually.

Links for the factory images and full OTA‘s for Pixel and Nexus devices are given below for your convenience. We advise you to confirm that you are flashing the build intended for your device only.

Device (Codename) Build Version Factory Image Full OTA Image
Pixel XL (marlin) N2G47O Link Link
Pixel XL – Deutsche Telekom N2G47T Link Link
Pixel XL – Verizon NHG47L Link Link
Pixel (sailfish) N2G47O Link Link
Pixel – Deutsche Telekom N2G47T Link Link
Pixel – Verizon N2G47L Link Link
Pixel C (ryu) N2G47O Link Link
Nexus 6P (angler) N2G47O Link Link
Nexus 5X (bullhead) N2G47O Link Link
Nexus 6 (shamu) N6F27C Link Link
Nexus Player (fugu) N2G47R Link Link
Nexus 9 LTE (volantisg) N4F27B Link Link
Nexus 9 WiFi (volantis) N4F27B Link Link

Have you flashed the latest update? Let us know your experience with the new update in the comments below!

Source: Android Security Bulletin

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