Android Security Update for November 2016 Released for Supported Devices

Android Security Update for November 2016 Released for Supported Devices

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Google made a promise of providing monthly security updates, and so far, the company has kept its word. If you have a supported device, be it Nexus or Pixel, you will receive the latest in terms of security patches against exploits and vulnerabilities, and it remains in the best interest of the end user to be on the latest security patch.

So if you own a supported device and are itching to flash something new, the November 2016 Security Update is rolling out. The complete security update up to 5th November 2016 contains fixes/patches for 14 vulnerabilities marked critical, 23 marked as high severity and 10 marked as moderate severity in total as it also includes the partial patch up to 1st November 2016. Another supplemental patch dated 6th November 2016 is also included, which patches an additional critical vulnerability.

To get on this update, you can either make use of the factory images or the OTA update zips. If you are interested, the complete security bulletin for the month of November can be found here.

Interesting things to note on the update: the Pixel and the Pixel XL have builds labelled NDE63U/V/X for November, which seems to be in linear progression from the previous builds labelled NDE63H/L/P for October. The Pixel C, Nexus 5X, the Nexus Player, the Nexus 9 WiFi and Nexus 9 LTE get (individual) builds labelled NRD91N, while the Nexus 6P gets build labelled NBD91K. Surprisingly, the Nexus 6 gets a total of three builds, with two of those builds (MMB31C & MOB31K) being on 6.0.1 Marshmallow as the base, and the other (NBD91P) being on 7.0 Nougat.

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