Android Studio 2.0 Stable Release — Useful Summary & Details

Android Studio 2.0 Stable Release — Useful Summary & Details

Earlier today the Android team usefully summarized the latest Android Studio update on their developers’ blog, which has hit the stable channel. This newest version, 2.0 is a significant update from the previous version and includes the following new features:

  • An “Instant Run” that quickly implements your change and runs it, allowing you to minimize the time it takes to build and test changes. It is also enabled by default.
  • Android Emulator that will, in most situations, be “faster than a real device” with 3x faster CPU, RAM and I/O compared to the previous version. ADB push speeds were improved to 10 times the previous version! The emulator now includes built-in Play Services and several other features.
  • Integration with Cloud Test Lab
  • App Indexing Code Generation/Testing
  • GPU Debugger Preview (OpenGL ES). While still in an experimental phase this introduces features a GPU profiler that desktop graphics debugging has had for some time.
  • Updated IntelliJ

If you haven’t updated yet, either check for updates on the Beta channel or download it from the Android developer site. The blog also notes that developers working on projects for the N Developer Preview will also need to complete a few additional steps.

More can be discovered on the new update by checking out the documentation, blog or the video from the Android team below.

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